A Successful Recruitment Campaign: How We Filled 50 Tech and Cyber Roles for a Major UK Digitisation Programme

A Successful Recruitment Campaign: How We Filled 50 Tech and Cyber Roles for a Major UK Digitisation Programme

Sectech Solutions is a well-established cyber and tech recruitment agency, we take pride in serving our clients and solving their hiring needs efficiently and effectively. We recently demonstrated our capability by orchestrating a large-scale recruitment drive for a client involved in a landmark project in the UK’s critical national infrastructure space.

Our prominent consultancy client partnered with one of the UK's largest regulated entities on an ambitious £7 billion digitisation programme. This transformative journey involves several partners, with a primary goal of transitioning the client's infrastructure onto a cloud platform(Azure). The magnitude and complexity of this project required us to supply a substantial number of contractors across diverse domains.

The roles that needed to be filled were as diverse as the project itself and included:

5x Cloud Solutions Consultant

10x Cyber Security Consultant

3x Systems Architect

3x Data Analyst

5x Cyber Security Engineer

2x Business Architect

3x Cyber Security Architect

2x Enterprise Architect

5x IT/Cyber Project Manager

2x Digital Solution Architect

5x Solution Architect

5x Business Analyst

Given the project's secure and heavily regulated nature, the search for the right candidates was far from ordinary. The ideal candidates needed to have prior work experience in highly regulated environments and possess very specific skill sets and knowledge.

Despite the complexity of the task, our extensive candidate network and deep understanding of regulated environments enabled us to act swiftly and effectively. We submitted an average of three high-quality CVs for each role within 24 hours. As a result, we managed to secure interviews and job offers typically within a one-week timeframe. This achievement highlights our commitment to speed, without sacrificing the quality of candidates.

To give you a sense of the scale of this effort, here are some figures:
  • Over 250 candidate screening calls were made.
  • 103 CVs were submitted.
  • 86 interviews were conducted.
  • 50 positions were successfully filled.

From start to finish, we were able to provide a 1st class experience to both candidates and client, covering the scope of the roles in detail with candidates, so that we were able to uncover the finer details of their experience, to match their suitability to the role and provide them with a full understanding of the role and the expectations of the client. This then led onto a slick interview process with the client, as we were able to provide a high level of detail to them for each of the candidates, as the client had been provided with much more than just a CV, they had an extensive write-up for each candidate and why they were an ideal match for the role and the finer details of their skills and knowledge.

On-boarding for the roles was also a slick and smooth process, as we were able to take a full understanding of the process from the client, understanding their requirements at every stage, along with exactly what would be needed from the candidates to ensure that this was completed in the minimal amount of time needed.

This successful recruitment campaign not only delivered qualified and skilled professionals to our clients but also saved them a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. We believe this is a testament to our unwavering commitment to serving our clients' needs efficiently and effectively.

Whether your company is embarking on a similar large-scale project or looking to fill a single, specialist role, our team stands ready to provide the same level of dedicated and tailored service. We pride ourselves on being more than just a recruitment agency; we are your strategic partner in securing the talent needed to drive your company's growth and success. Get in touch today.