Tech Solutions

We have partnered with leading technology vendors to provide a range of services and tooling to secure your technology.

Delivered by the best talent the industry has to offer.

We can offer our services as one off reports, in blocks of consultancy, or as a full package managed service called Sectech Vision.

Vulnerability management

Continuous monitoring of all your internal, external, and cloud systems.

Darkweb monitoring

Compromised credentials and data breaches.

Cloud visibility

Threat detection across your Azure, AWS, and GCP footprints.

User Behaviour

Monitor all user activities across endpoint and cloud systems and detect anomalies.

Vendor risk reporting

Enrich your data with cyber risk reporting of your supply chain partners.

Hunting and Response

Root cause analysis across all attack vectors and automated response capabilities.

Cyber Risk Protection

Built-in capabilities to proactively detect data breaches and impersonation attacks.

Cloud controls audit

Integrated cloud asset management and CIS control benchmarking.

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